HT‘s Hindi sibling, Hindustan has undergone a much-hyped makeover. Have a look.

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  • San

    shame i can’t read hindi 🙁

  • Shivangi Misra

    Har har… I wonder what’ll happen to good old journalism if I start giving lectures! Buy I’d rather give a lecture at ACJ… Allowance and the beach! ;P

  • Accidental Fame Junkie

    Cool! I loved one heading in particular: “Censor Board: Sex and English chalega.”

  • AquaM

    Yeah..’Sex In English CHalega’…interesting stds,,,I wonder what the PMK in CHennai would have to say to dat..I would have liked to read that article except dat I can’t access the material unless I’m registered..🙁AquaM

  • dwaipayan

    hmmm.people are saying it has changed. i believe them. i have to. coz I’m not comfortable with reading in hindi. i can read. but i need the whole night to read a single page…….

  • Tabula_Rasa

    Stumbled upon ur blog….interesting blog….has a plethora of nice write ups…possibly,these waves would not mind swimming against the tide to visit ur shores every now & then….

  • Vijayeta

    Hindi newspapers are always unintentionally amusing! Why? Or is it the bias of the non-hindi speaking snobs like us 😉…I loved the shillong pics!🙂