Since it seems to be a season of kids in ads at Cutting the Chai. Here’s another classic.

[Kid at a railway station.]

Bablu: Ramu Kaka!
Ramu Kaka: Aare Bablu yahan kya kar rahe ho? (Bablu! What are you doing here?)
Bablu: Sab gussa karte hain. Main ghar chor ke ja raha hoon. (Everyone gets angry with me. So I’m leaving home)
Ramu Kaka: Magar ghar mein to Mummy ne garma garam jalebiyan banayee hain! (But at home, Mummy has prepared hot jalebis!)
Bablu: Jalebee!
Ramu Kaka: Hm

[Ramu Kaka takes Bablu home on his bicycle.]

Mummy: To kya tai kiya aapne? (So, what have you decided?) Hm?
Bablu: Mmmm… Jana to hain… magar.. (Have to go, but…)
Dad: Haan magar bees pachis saal baad (But after 20, 25 years)
VO: Vishudha Dhara. Ankokha asar. Dhara (Pure Dhara. Unique effect)

[Agency: Mudra]

Enough of reading. Now to the real stuff (the video).

Download video [FLV 3MB 00:01:02]

Pity, I never ran away from home (though did a lot of searching for people who did. Hope you idiots are reading this). Once I thought of it, but the darkness outside and the stories of the lurking snakes, foxes and ghosts put cold water over all my plans. Anyway, it’s too late now.

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  • educatedunemployed

    This add has been one of my all time favourites.I just love the way the boy squeals jalebiiiiiiiii..Used to make my day..And I love the header picture or whatever it is called.:)

    And I miss reading your words.If you know what I mean.

  • dwaipayan

    yes……..i was thinking about this one…. still some of my friends want to ran away from home so that they can have those jalebees..

  • b v n

    Oh man…just saw the three ads…thank you for the great work man ! and ofcourse the creativity of the ad-makers!

  • Adee

    has been my favourite
    n u might know why 😉

  • ESIH

    oh God!! you brought back all the good memories..i used to love tht cute lil kid ..he was so darned adorable and this ad..always touched a cord!!i am already reading n commenting on most of the posts 😀

  • Prasanna

    I spent close to an hour looking for this ad and I finally found it.. thanks a lot..

  • Goli

    Hey, thanks for posting, landed up on your blog in search of this ad. Great blog. keep posting.