Not exactly from the eighteenth century (they too will be here one day) but the early 1900s.

Pears' Soap 1910

A Pears’ Soap ad from 1910. The Times of India.

Reads, “Good Morning! Have you used Pears’ Soap.”

According to Pears, Inc. for the USA there now exists only one manufacturing facility in the world for Pears Soap and it is in India. That Indian company now owns all the rights to the soap, it formula, and its package, etc. Accordingly, there is no longer any Pears Soap made anywhere on the planet except in this one single factory which all of us hope will never shut down! NOTE: Pears Soap is still made exactly according to the original recipe in all ways.

Hand-pulled rickshaws Calcutta 1902

A 1902 ad for hand-pulled rickshaws in Calcutta.

Reads, “Japanese Jinrickshaws, very light, strong and easy runnin…” and the specifications follow.

Colgate's Cashmere Bouquet Toilet Soap

A 1925 ad for Colgate’s Cashmere Bouquet Toilet Soap.

Colgate's Ribbon Dental Cream

Another early Colgate ad. This time for Colgate’s Ribbon Dental Cream.

Chevrolet 1920s

Fancy a Chevrolet for Rs. 2700? Well there’s the Coach for Rs. 3600 and Sedan for Rs. 3900. But then it was in the 1920s, else I would’ve had one for each day of the week.

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