Wodden Bench

View Outside

Three Squares


In Shade and Light


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  • R

    Where did you click these! Please tell me!

  • R

    Sheesh. Just read your earlier posts.Wonderful stuff!

  • educatedunemployed


  • thalassa_mikra

    Anandgram, right?

  • thalassa_mikra

    Yes, I checked your earlier post, it is Anandgram. Isn’t the place just gorgeous? By the way, I know I this to just about everyone, but did you have a chance to have lunch at the kitchen on the premises? Their food is out of this world good. It’s vegetarian, but the most amazing vegetarian food you’ll ever have.

  • Paavani

    Hey thats a nice place to go. I would like. I heard the name but didnt know about it (just visited website)in much detail.