What happens at these bloggers’ meets? Shivam‘s hints ranged from wrestling to boot polishing. Not the one to take any chances, I wore my professional wrestle wear beneath the jeans and also stuffed a piece of flannel in the back pocket. Nothing of that sort happened, but I somehow managed to break a glass. Shattered glass was never my worry, but spilled beer demands some crying over.

The venue had to be changed, because two other huger groups of people had decided to have some fun at the same place and there wasn’t any space for us bloggers. Shivam said United Coffee House (no not for the coffee, people don’t go there to drink coffee. At least the people I know don’t) and so we went there.

There were ten of us; Shivam said that the headcount historically varied from four to seventeen. That makes this meet about average. Anyway we bloggers aren’t much concerned about numbers (except for the number of hits). This was the first time I saw so many bloggers together, in flesh and blood. My earlier count was two (excluding the lazy bunch of blog converts at my previous workplace). The attendees at yesterday’s meet were:

Aklanta of Fourth Dimension
Amit of Addicted
Codey of Meticulously Underthought
Dhiraj of Bodhi Shop
Harneet of Random Ruminations, Too
M Rajshekhar of Fractured.Earth
Nidhi from Webchutney.com
Nikhil of Mixed Bag
Shivam of National Highway

That makes it only nine? Oh! And

Soumyadip of Cutting the Chai

In case you are still wondering about what happens at these meets, you can deduct two from that assumption list – wrestling (of the WWE type) and boot polishing. And if you still want to figure out, attend the next happening somewhere near you.

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