Learnt about this via Amit’s post. Always envied the collage/mosaic artists and wanted to do something similar. Never did. The closest I came to making a collage of sorts was when I was asked to design the template for a blog called – The Collage.

Had seen quite a few of photomosiacs, but didn’t know that they could also be so easy to create. Pre, a member of Adelaider.com has created an image mosaic generator. It doesn’t get easier than this, even if it is not creatively stimulating. All you have to do is to upload a JPEG, GIF or PNG image, wait for a few minutes (the resultant image is usually in megs) and view the image. You also have options to directly print or download the image.

Tried these two:
(Click on the images to see a larger detailed picture)

Cutting the Chai logo

(The Cutting the Chai logo)

Soumyadip - profile pic

(My profile image)
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  • dwaipayan

    and hello…u did a rocking job..and though the collage is not being used at that blog and the blog has become a dead one… but I still have that collage and that collage is ussed as the display pic of that blog’s Gmail..

  • Appu

    you are too good man

  • San

    A lovely template you designed for the collage.

    again thanks for some useful links and information

  • San

    I’ve just had a click on your photo, it’s very impressive. I might try if I could brave putting my own picture in my profile.

  • Soumyadip

    Educatedunemployed That was my reaction too.

    Dwaipayan (Comment 1) That followed Wow, but with a ‘c’ (No Ekta Kapoor influences here).

    Dwaipayan (Comment 2) You were after my life to design the template. I am still alive, pity the blog’s dead (I never liked the content much).

    Appu Not me, the guy who developed this. I’m just a medium of dissemination.

    San (Comment 1) Thanks.

    San (Comment 2) Well, you can try something else.