On the first look this morning’s Hindustan Times and Hindustan looked like they had some fonts missing on their front pages. A closer look brought a resemblance to musical notes. It was an ad for the launch of HT Media and Virgin Radio’s Fever 104 FM, taking the count of the channel’s on the capital’s frequency modulation to a dozen.

A friend asked me to set the FM channels on her mobile handset. It is quite difficult to remember the precise frequencies of so many channels. Therefore I searched and drew up a list of frequencies of FM radio stations in Delhi (might be of some help to FM hooked readers of this blog residing within the periphery of the National Capital Region – NCR).

List of FM Radio Channels in Delhi (NCR)
(List sorted in ascending frequency of stations)


* Radio City – 91.1 MHz
* Big 92.7 FM – 92.7 MHz
* Red FM – 93.5 MHz
* Radio One – 94.3 MHz
* HIT 95 FM – 95.0 MHz
* Radio Mirchi – 98.3 MHz
* Fever 104 FM – 104.0 MHz
* AIR FM Rainbow – 102.6 MHz
* Meow – 104.8 MHz
* AIR FM Gold – 106.4 MHz


* Radio Jamia – 90.4 MHZ
* IIMC Radio – 96.9 MHz
* Gyan Vani – 105.6 MHz

In a post about FM radio the award winning FM Mansoorpur deserves a mention even if it didn’t have anything to do with Delhi and it was declared illegal and subsequently closed down.

And it is going to be more paisa wasool for my Rs 440 Philips RL241 Digital Clock Radio.


City-wise list of allocated FM Phase II channels [PDF]
Company-wise list of Cities allocated [PDF]

Tip: To view PDF files try FoxIt Reader. I tried it, it’s lighter and faster than Adobe Reader.

[Last updated July 4, 2007]
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