Shekhar Gupta (as always) puts forward an articulated argument why Pratibha Patil is not the right choice for President in his aptly titled column in The Indian ExpressNational Interest.


The Congress’ guilt is not so much about who they chose for the job as it is about how it trivialised that job, to begin with…

You have to first decide what the presidency is all about. Is it about political experience? Is it about respect? Or, put another way, is it merely a ceremonial office, or is it an important political office? It cannot be both and that is one more reason the Congress sounds so unconvincing — and unconvinced…

The way the party and its allies – at least those that it consulted – went about selecting the next president, it seemed it was the least important sinecure in the Republic. Now you can’t defend yourselves saying, don’t take notice of any adverse revelations about her, after all, come July 25, and she will represent the glory of the Republic…

And, how’s this for irony? This is the same party that was so exquisitely careful in choosing its prime minister.

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