A tag came my way from the girl from South of the Border, West of the Sun. It asks me to say nine things about me, one of which is a lie. Though it would’ve been a lot easier the other way around. In the past I received similar tags twice, the first required me to note 20 things about me and the second, only eight. This time I can’t just copy-paste from the previous, as the one lie that I have to fit in would become obvious. So here’s my fresh list:

1. I’m a netoholic
2. I had my first girlfriend (or whatever that meant then) in kindergarten
3. I frequently visit online chat rooms for some sultry talk
4. My family wanted me to be a civil servant and I cherished filmmaking dreams
5. I didn’t cry on my first day to school
6. I dislike Himesh Reshmmaya, Emran Hashmi, Upen Patel and their ilk
7. I have a penchant for collecting movies
8. Gizmos and gadgets keep me busy and I love to take them apart (that I’m occasionally unable to put them back together is a different story)
9. I hate getting wet in the rain (being born and brought up in cloud-infested Meghalaya)

Picking up the lie isn’t that tough. A surprise prize awaits the one who gets it right. In case there is more than one winner, I’ll draw lots. And the winner will also get automatically tagged with this tag.

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