For once the adholic in me was pleased to see an advertisement released by the Directorate of Audio Visual Publicity (DAVP) – who aren’t exactly known for creativity in advertising. This ad was in typical DAVP style – unappealing. But the appeal was in what it said and not how it was expressed. Relased on behalf of the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) it announced the establishment of India’s National Do Not Call Registry.

I came to know of the abundant money in the Indian economy through telecallers, who would have even offered me a loan for the purchase of new chaddies. Now that I’ve changed my number and the new one hasn’t reached the unscrupulous – but nevertheless enterprising – people out there. Now it’s only my mobile service provider who irritates me with those midnight messages asking me to subscribe for a Himesh Reshammiya caller tone. Not a bad idea though, it might just act as a repellant for people who call me up at uncomfortable hours.

In an act of desperation, they had replaced human callers with recorded voices. “Darling…” the voice from the other end said. I was a little taken aback. No one calls me that and that too in a wannabe seductive tone. I disconnected on hearing the next few sentences, disappointed, it was just a recorded voice. My do-not-disturb requests to the service provider have till date gone unheeded.

Hope this National Do Not Call Registry will go some way in restoring my peace with my mobile phone. Here’s what the ad said:

(The original – see image above – was in all caps and gawky fonts, I’ve changed the case and the rest is verbatim)

Telephone users not wanting commercial calls/unwanted calls may now register request with their telephone operator

* For registering contact your telecom operator through phone-customer care-SAM-online-through letter
* Telecom operators have allotted specific numbers for registering your request through phone and SMS
* Telecom operators after verifying your request will intimate registration number within 10 days
* 45 days after registration no commercial calls/unwanted calls will come on your registered phone number
* Even after 45 days if you receive unwanted calls/SMS from telemarketers, you can lodge complaint with your telecom operator giving details from where call/SMS received along with phone number
* Telecom operator will register your complaint for taking suitable action
* No extra charge will be levied by telecom operator for availing this service

For more details visit:

Though the process can tale up to 55 days (10+45), it might be worth the wait. But TRAI should try to cut down the processing time, in the US it is about 31 days, but that too in today’s e-era seems too long a time.

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