In a blatant act of self-promotion if I were to highlight a blurb on the side panels of this blog, then this does sound good:

“We recommend this tea” – The Sunday Indian Express

Since I don’t intend to be very clamant about this, but at the same time being unable to hide my glee, I’m posting a post instead.

This blog was reviewed in today’s edition of The Sunday Indian Express and they had some good things to say and I’m pleased. I couldn’t find the same posted on their website (where many links on the home page lead to dead ends), but they do have it in the epaper.

A lowdown on the top-ranking Indian blogs


It’s a pitch black screen with bright yellow strips and a silhouette of the Red Fort which fails to mitigate the starkness. Visually, the site rightfully reflects its contents. For, Cutting the Chai is an explosion, a riot of thought, videos and downloads, For Soumyadip, the creator, this blog is a tribute to Indian advertising talent: from the black-and-white prints of the 1940s to the recent controversial Amul underwear ad.

Though this blog has a large repository of amusing and entertaining ads, a running commentary on each picture makes the entire experience hilarious. The author fully exploits the blog platform by providing videos of each TV ad he picks. In some cases, ringtone downloads are also added so that the reader can hear his favourite jingle every time the phone rings. This Chai has other flavours as well: movie reviews, mobile phone releases, among others. We recommend this tea.

Just a small correction, the ads featured on this blog date back not only to the 1940s but to the 19th century.

Incidentally, Cutting the Chai is also the featured blog at India Blogs’ list of top Indian blogs (August 25, 2007). There’s some illustrious company that I share the space with. It’s humbling.

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