There are writers with million dollar advances, columnists who wine and dine with the who’s who, correspondents globetrotting on company expenses and then there are copy editors.

One such copy editor visited my blog and I paid him/her a return visit. I found his/her description of the profession having a truthful but humourous ring to it. This is what he/she said:

Hi. Once a musician, now a copy editor living in Brooklyn, I seek escape from the mind-numbing grind of the job. Copy editing may not pay much, it may be tedious, dull and thankless; the copy editor may get the blame when things go wrong, and none of the credit when they go right; we inspire anger when we point out others’ errors, are threatened with termination when we do not; but let me tell you something about copy editing: Uh … did I mention that it doesn’t pay much? Please join me in my attempt to break the chain (at least for a while) that binds me to the cubicle. Peace. GIP.

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