Shwaas (A Breath)
Some weeks are easy and then there are those which refuse to budge away. The last one was one of the in-between types. Weekend for me is Sunday – solitary Sunday. So many things to do, so much sleep to catch and only one day! It’s so unfair.

And life’s also not fair. Finding some time out from preparing presentations and keeping the washing machine whirring, watched Sandeep Sawant’s directorial debut Shwaas (A Breath) on the PC.

Based on a true story, Shwaas essays the journey of a seven-year-old boy, Parashuram (Ashwin Chitale), with retinal cancer, whose only chance of survival is an operation that will leave him permanently blind. With only a letter of reference from the local doctor, Parashuram and his grandfather (Arun Nalavade) try to grapple with the challenges of a big city hospital and the turmoil of the seemingly detached doctor who is left with the huge responsibility of explaining the situation to the young boy. A series of events makes the grandfather take some peculiar decisions highlighting the importance of living life gracefully and finally the young boy coming into terms with the inevitable tragedy.

(From the jacket)

Even though it had to wait exactly six months since its purchase for me to be able to watch the movie, the VCD of India’s official entry to the 77th Academy Awards was worth more than the Rs. 125 I paid. The missing Oscar doesn’t make any difference.

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