This is the best in Radio Mirchi’s Mirchi sunnewale always khush campaign. Simple concept, beautiful execution, high recall value.

Man working inside a sewage pipe, singing on the top of his voice.

Yeh suhana mausam, yeh khula aasmaan, kho gaye hum yaahan, haye, kho gaye hum yaahan…

A passerby (obviously a babu in a safari suit) inquisitively looks inside the manhole.

The contrast – of the working environment and the song the man’s singing – is enhanced by the top of voice rendition. Our manhole singer might just make it to the next talent hunt on TV (but he’ll face stiff competition from me).

This ad will also make a wonderful ringtone for your mobile or even a caller tone.


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  • Accidental Fame Junkie

    Hahahha! Shotti! There is another radio channel, I think it is Radio City, which has another memorable ad. The convict, barbershop, policeman and “bal bal bach gaye” dialogue. It’s a priceless gem!

  • Soumyadip

    <>AFJ<> Yes, that’s the Radio City ad. In fact they have a series. I’ll try to put them up too.

  • Anonymous

    Please read the latest Tehelka issue, 8th december, page 17… they’ve mentioned your blog on it. I guess it takes entertainment to realise some bitter truths.

  • ohitsme

    Is there a way to access Tehelka online and reach page 17. Could someone give me the title of the article. Thanks

  • Soumyadip

    <>Anonymous<>: Thanks for pointing that out. Though I was selectively quoted, I don’t mind, as “it takes entertainment to realise some bitter truths.”<>Tasneem<>: You can find the article < HREF="" REL="nofollow">here<>. The reference this blog is:“A blogger praised the ad for its ‘simple concept, beautiful execution, high recall value.’ After all, we develop a capacity to be blind when we see an open manhole and ‘men at work’.”

  • ohitsme

    Thanks for the article. What an eye opener and very depressing. What kind of society domwe live in and more importantly what do I do to change it. Nothing except frown while reading about it.