Meghna Girohtra, from Bombay, has collected 243 vintage Indian print advertisements (on the last count) on Flickr. A collection which she intends to keep growing and wants to create an online archive of vintage ads. It does feel good to know that I’m not alone in my endeavour.

Through my blog I’ve met many a ad aficionados, but rarely have I interacted with a collector. And I couldn’t resist borrowing a few ads from her collection.

Here are some additions to Sexy Indian Advertisements (courtesy Meghna):

Liril (1982)
[Come alive with freshness
Totally different LIRIL. Rippled green with the
exciting freshness of limes. Tangy, tingling LIRIL
…makes a fresh new woman of you.
Liril the freshness soap
with the exciting freshness of limes
A quality product of Hindustan Lever]

Agency: Lintas

Ultrx Luxury Towels from Bombay Dyeing (1989)
[Ultrx Luxury Towels – in a variety of vibrant colours. Made with superior Japanese technology to give you a towel that is comparale to the finest in the world.
Softer, super-absorbent and with an ultra-rich pile. In 100% pure cotton.
Available as single towels or sets. Also in a special luxury large size.]

…featuring a teenaged Lisa Ray. Probably the hottest import from Canada that ever arrived on Indian shores.
Well, it seems that I had been too smitten by Lisa and mistook someone else for her. Meghna (the source of these ads) tells me that according to her friend Salil it ain’t Lisa but Aliya Knightley.
Agency: Lintas

More Liril freshness from 1989
[Come alive with Liril freshness
With the exciting freshness of limes
Liril the freshness soap]
Agency: Lintas

Yet more Liril, girl and the waterfall.
Agency: Lintas

Bombay Dyeing (1983)
[The ultimate in bedwear
Polycot –
Polyester blended deluxe sheets
Beaucale and Supercale –
Luxurious pure cotton sheets
Bombay Dyeing
The difference shows]

Agency: Ulka

Thums Up (1986)
[Thums Up makes it great
The refreshing cola]

Before the thunder struck it was babes in bikinis cooling off with what was once India’s favourite aerated drink

Bombay Dyeing sarees
[Five metres can be a lot of mischief
Bombay Dyeing
100% polyester sarees
Polyester Georgette sarees]

Indeed the five metres can do wonders to a woman (and also the ogling men)

Well I have another adholic in the family, my one-and-a-half-year old nephew Aahan aka Aarohan (more pics here). He likes watching TV, particularly advertisements. In fact he wouldn’t have his food unless there’s an ad playing before him. My brother and sis-in-law keep the remote handy, as soon as the commercial ends on one channel they have to switch to another. Aahan especially has a liking for bike and cycle ads. And does recall his Chachu (ie me) whenever the Sunny Deol Lux Cozy ad is on air (I don’t fancy myself as Sunny though).