There are many who visit this blog only for the videos and are not interested in the letters I attempt to conjure up as words. To make their experience more worth the while and also to provide a value addition for other readers of this blog who are also interested in the other assortments here, let me introduce ChaiTV (Feels like I’m announcing the launch of my own television channel but this is as close as I can get, yet). ChaiTV showcases the latest videos that are put up on Cutting the Chai, all at one place. The actual credit goes to the good guys at, I have just incorporated it here.

To visit ChaiTV you just need to click here (and a pop-up window should open unless it is blocked by your browser) or the icon on the left panel. In the unlikely likelihood that you want to include ChaiTV on your blog you can copy/paste the HTML below into your html.

For a pop-up window (like the example above):
For an embedded on-site player (like the one below):


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