Five Years of Cutting the ChaiMay 29, 2010 marks the fifth anniversary of this blog. Of late, I haven’t been paying much attention here. But this web log has been a constant element in my life, while things have moved on a fast pace in both the professional and the personal fronts.

Today is a big day and the Chaiwali gifted me a Harley to celebrate the occasion. And not just any Harley-Davidson, but a 1936-vintage EL, also known as the “Knucklehead.” So what if it is only a miniature scale model, it’s the closest I can get to owning a Harley in the near future.

In the days to come I’ll be posting a series of special ‘Cutting the Chai @ 5’ posts.

For now I’ve an announcement to make. Cutting the Chai is moving on to its own domain and hosting (and powered by WordPress). Still working on a few things there and will post a post when everything’s good to go.

The last major change on this blog was when the title changed from ‘Mindless Musings of an Unmindful’ Mind to ‘Cutting the Chai’ on April 14, 2006.

And here’s my very own Harley:

1936 Harley-Davidson EL Knucklehead

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