One of the first lessons taught to us in the introduction to decimals class was the difference between face value and place value of numbers. The date time combination in the photograph below is of great face value as it is one of those rare palindromic dates (and also that this happens only one in a century), but of hardly any place value is the date is otherwise inconsequential.

This one in a century event calls for a digital record of the moment when the watch showed 11:11:11 on 11/11/11 and I was ready with my camera for the fleeting second when it was all 1s on the LCD display (well almost, as the year is 2011 and not 1111).


11:11:11 on 11-11-11

A closer crop of the same image.

11:11:11 on 11-11-11
I am a digital watch person. And it helps in moments such as these.

Note: The presence of the Nescafé mug in the frame was only to add to the visual appeal and not a product placement 🙂

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