The Salman Khan in this advertisement for Hero Honda CD100 is about 25 years younger than the superstar Salman of today and precedes his blockbuster debut in a lead role in Maine Pyar Kiya.

Before entering his destined world of movies, @beingsalmankhan dabbled for a while in the world of modelling. This is one of his ads that I still remember (The character Salman is playing this this ad is called Bunty). Unfortunately, it isn’t the complete ad. The left part is missing and I am unable to locate that (if anyone has access to the full version, do let me know).

Salman Khan in his 20s in a 1980s ad for Hero Honda CD100

The Hero Honda CD100

…the toughest of terrains just to prove a point to the other person.

Like looks Sunny insists that his red bike is the finest looking bike in town. Bunty feels his Hero Honda easily commands more attention (expecially with the girls in his colony).

But we cant really blame the two. It is so easy to be fiercely proud of your Hero Honda that you’d never let another bike steal the show – even of the other bike is also a Hero Honda CD 100 – What a bike!

Hero Honda
Fill it. Shut it. Forget it.

Among the three big Khans, Aamir Khan appeared in an ad for Hero Puch, Salman for the CD100. It seems that it is only the king of Bollywood brand ambassadors Shah Rukh Khan who hasn’t helped sell any bikes. Suhel Banerjee (@suhel) points out that Shah Rukh Khan did appear in Hero Puch commercials. (Evidence that age has started to play tricks with my memory).

So there’s a connection between the Khan triumvirate and two-wheelers.

Even Sachin Tendulkar endorsed the Bajaj Sunny.