Golf Links, Shillong
Never played any golf on these famed greens, only a lot of cricket. Wikipedia mentions that it is called the ‘Glen Eagle of the East’ (I know almost nothing about golf outside the PC games and maybe Tiger Woods, Jyoti Randhawa and others who feature in the sports pages). This wettest 18-holed beauty (no pun intended) is over a century old, established in 1898 (only 9 holes then) and converted to its present 18-hole glory in 1924.

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  • dwaipayan

    i have been there. and i used to be a good golfer(in my tv game)

  • Gypsy

    hey did u try ur hand at golf as u r already at such a wonderful place?

  • pallavi

    remember walking through the freshly mown grass.. here.. SIGH

  • Accidental Fame Junkie

    I really don’t know much about Golf either!Btw, did you manage to see the video?

  • Abaniko

    Somewhere I read: Golf is just an expensive way of playing marbles.

  • Rita

    I do not know anything about Golf, but yes, that place sure looks great! 🙂Abainiko: That is interesting 🙂

  • San

    ah i’m more of a crazy golf fan 🙂

  • AquaM

    lol..abhaniko! Dat just sums it up.

  • Anonymous

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