Banks and finance companies are after my life offering loans for almost everything. I have so far managed to shoo their offers away. But with the revelation of the ridiculously low amounts for which an elected representative to the highest legislative body of the nation can be bought, makes me think twice. Do they have an MP/MLA scheme?

The CobrapostAaj Tak sting ‘exposing’ our ‘esteemed’ Members of Parliament accepting petty bribes to table questions in the Parliament did not shock me. Neither did other citizens of nation India hold their heads in disbelief. Everyone is well aware of the dark dealings in the dungeons of Delhi. What was shocking was that the nincompoops fell for the measly but cleverly disguised bait laid out by Aniruddha Bahal and company.

Good job guys! You deserve that pat on your backs. The Shakti Kapoor saga had put many of us (who assume themselves to be of a higher figure than the lowest common denominator) of the seductions of satellite TV sting.

The modus operandi resembled the famous Tehelka exposé, but this time around Aniruddha showed more acumen. His ‘victims’ included all the varieties of nangas in the hamam cutting across the circumference of the parliament. This ensures some security from a repeat of the ‘Tehelka witch-hunt’ and Mr. Bahal will remain on the airier side of the bars.

Many journos will now tell you that they knew about slimy parliamentarians for ages. But it wasn’t they, but the Cobrapost guys who took the risk and put out the laundry to public washing. A jouno pal tells me that Aaj Tak has washed off its sins accumulated by the trespassing incident (where a reporter walked into the Big B’s ICU) by airing this exposé.

What is most appreciative about this whole operation is that even though it was conducted over a period of eight months they ensured that the word didn’t leak out (if you ignore Shivam Vij dropping a vague hint or two. Or was it my imagination?). The team did their homework well and this reflects in the headlines of dailies throughout the nation.

The Indian media, which was for long reluctant to give any recognition to the competition, as a aftermath of Cobrapost-Aaj Tak for a job well done. Another fallout is the surge in the demand for ‘sting detectors and jammers’ in the market.

One question, which remains in my mind, is why was the operation codenamed ‘Duryodhan?’ I might have missed the explanation somewhere or forgot my mythology. Can someone throw some light?

Legislators for so long have been traded like horses for attaining that magic majority in the house. But Rs. 10,000 will not get you a decent horse, a mule maybe or atleast a thoroughbred (read elected) ass.

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