Bollywood Badmashes
The bad men of Bollywood had all the fun until the hero realised that he too can get a little naughty. Always on the losing side at the climax, but their meanness won the hearts of the audiences. Hindi film villains usually came in only one size – larger than life. Some of them even overshadowed the otherwise lead characters. Most of you Hindi-filmi keedas would recognise all the villainous voices on the following audio track.

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Click here to download the audio clip [MP3 354KB]

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  • Accidental Fame Junkie

    But don’t you miss them? I mean the glorious flamboyance of screen villians? They are colourful (Mogambo), funny (Ajith), scary (Pran), iconic (Amjad Khan), and above all unforgettable. Was this meant to be a list of the all time greats? If so, then Jeevan an oldhand whom you can see in some of the older b/w movies should also be added.

  • anthony

    Will definitely download once i get back home

  • Pallavi

    it was fun watching the old time villains.. 🙂 they had so much presence.. 🙂

  • R

    and the drama that used to surround the plot! <>something<> man..!

  • Gypsy

    they always appeared on the screen with a bang! too stylish to b true….