The police bash up striking union workers in Gurgaon and there is a tremor in the corridors of Sir Edwin Landseer Luytens’ Delhi. Grandmothers strip in protest, the state assembly is burnt down, students get killed, there is complete chaos on the streets – and only a few throat clearing noises by the mantris and the media. Why wouldn’t Manipur incessantly burn? It has no other alternative, no one seems to take notice.

Anthony is taking forward the cause of his home state through the medium of the blog. Amidst all my mindless musings I feel that once in a while I should atleast strive to do my bit. This is no path breaking analysis, nor is it a magic solution to the decades old issue. These are the visuals from the 2004 protests against the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act of 1958. Visuals that most of us never remember seeing. Someone had handed me the footage long ago and I too had forgotten about it. Had to edit it a lot to make it viewable on a general interest blog. The state perpetuated violence is disturbing and the extent that it makes people go in protest – nightmarish.

Initially thought of editing it prim and proper with a background score et al. (like what we have on our ‘news’ channels), but the incidents demanded rawness. But raw truth often becomes too difficult to handle, hence a much toned down form.

The following video contains images of graphic violence. Surfer’s discretion is advised.

Runtime 03:49

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