Tracks to Nowhere

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  • AquaM

    The title and the picture complement each other so well.Hope your New Year started off on a gud note and not to worry, this year is gonna be sweet.Cheeers:)

  • Pallavi

    Nice one there

  • Admin

    A very vetry happy new year again… and that track reminds me of the incident i almost had.. remember my train post?? One local almost ran over me..

  • Soumya

    every direction comes from inside…happy new year…

  • Greta Björg

    ..tracks to nowhere…how sad… if only it could be tracks to a new and better future…A very happy new year 2006 to you, my friend!

  • San

    happy new year.

  • R

    dude.. you are too good at photography!

  • Khizzy

    happy new year!and yes, soak up the compliments!lol…cuz u know ur good at this!nice!

  • dwaipayan


  • Accidental Fame Junkie

    The picture does tell a story just like all good pics should.