Simply Red
“Whenever I see red, I think of you,” said she and she and she and he and he. There is a certain appeal about the colour red that I own shirts, T-shirts, kurtas, jackets, pullovers and shawls of the Bolshevik colour. But no red trousers yet.

This affinity towards red has nothing to do with political affiliations of any kind. Perhaps it is the subconscious feeling that I look better in red or red stuff look better on me. “But you overdo it,” allege friends. Now there is even a ban in place against me eying an inviting red piece of clothing at the mall.

My earliest encounter with the colour though is not a very pleasant one. During an annual holiday at our native village, a bull chased me and my cousins. And all the blame was put on the red and white sweater that my mother stitched for me. It was much later that I discovered that bulls are colourblind. So I in a red tee wouldn’t look attractive to a bull (thankfully), but women in red do keep my pupils focused.

And this blog received its 10,000th hit at 15:57:18 yesterday. Nothing much to celebrate about, but can the 10,000th visitor please come forward to claim his/her prize (??). Visitor number ten-grand is from New Delhi, India, surfs using Internet Explorer 6.0 on Windows 98 operating system has a screen resolution of 800X600 uses a Videsh Sanchar Nigam Ltd. connection with the IP address and in the last four days has visited this blog atleast four times. This is what StatCounter tells me.

StatCounter also informs me that the 10,012th visitor reached here searching for ‘disgusting cleavages.’ Sorry to disappoint him.Disgusting Cleavages Search

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