After 12 days of internetlessness at home I am back online from my own PC. Curse my ISP.

Many days back I got this SMS, the sender id read “CBI” (I believe many others also did). The information contained may be useful to many, so passing it along:

If a Central/Delhi Govt/PSU/Bank Employee demands BRIBE for any official work in Delhi. Plz contact SP CBI at 24361535/3541/2494 or 9968081216/17/18!!

And before you make that call note that the CBI, as a matter of policy, does not entertain anonymous or pseudonymous complaints.

There is another angle to it. This technically is an unsolicited SMS and my mobile number is registered on the National Do Not Call Registry. Therefore, the national investigation agency may be guilty of flouting the law.

According to media reports over 80 lakh mobile phone users have received the SMS and the fine for the violation is Rs 500 for the first instance and Rs 1,000 for subsequent violations.

But before anyone reaches out for the calculator, there are clauses that allow government agencies to transmit such messages. So who’s next RBI? Would definitely like some more tips on identifying fake currency notes.

I didn’t know that CBI also has a blog, but that has only five posts with the last being in March this year. Investigators don’t make good bloggers?

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