I still recall the last paper of by university degree exam. I was elated. Not because my pre-results calculations had arrived at the conclusion that I’ll manage to scrape through respectfully, but due to a sense of freedom. Freedom from the mandatory memorising. I liked to study but hated exams and still do. I believed that I have just sat through the last examination of my life and was basking in my newfound stress less existence.

How wrong I was. I finally found my freedom six semesters later (I quit one course halfway through). Now when many of my colleagues come to me asking for leaves – to appear for exams – I ask them, “Haven’t you had enough?” Some of them are pursuing multiple courses simultaneously. Some through correspondence and others regular courses – where the institutes do not demand regular attendance.

What do they do with their degrees anyway? Helps in career enhancement, they say. Do they? Do degrees make a man? Whatever may be the answer, I’m not going to sit for another exam.

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