Second-best, as his best was in Masoom (1983). Maybe growing up and stopping the Nutramul intake had an adverse effect on Jugal Hansraj.

His acting career went nowhere and his directorial dreams also seem to be headed the same way.

This advertisement from the late 1970s has a young Jugal as Raju, a boy who didn’t like milk till his mother added Nutramul to it transforming him into the kicking and punching Niutamul dada.

Jugal Hansraj as Nutramul Dada

“Raju hated milk … till I added Nutramul.”

“Now he’s a Nutramul dada.”

It’s such a problem getting children to drink their milk. That’s why thousands of mothers bless delicious Nutramul. Nutramul delivers taste and strength. Nutramul is rich in cocoa, milk and malt – tastes superb. And contains proteins, vitamins and minerals. So nourishing for growing bodies. Flavourful Nutramul – every cup builds you up.

Amul’s Nutramul
Every cup builds you up

Marketed by
Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation Limited.
Anand, Gujarat

Agency: daCunha