Early Saturday morning, the shift just started and we were planning for the weekend. Suddenly someone exclaimed, “EARTHQUAKE!” I couldn’t feel any vibrations, but then it was there, our 17th floor office began to sway like a cradle in the wind.

The panicky ones rushed for the lift, but thankfully the liftman was a sane and calm man, he asked everyone to take the stairs and maintain calm. But chaos reigned. The quake might have been a mild one and wouldn’t have caused any damage. But human nature would have definitely resulted in a few casualties. The afternoon news bulletins would have the details.

I walked down till the 12th Floor and felt that the vibrations had receded. Now as I’m typing this post with trembling fingers, my colleagues, a little shaky and jittery are returning to their workstations. Everyone has the devastating Gujarat earthquake of January 26, 2001 in mind.

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  • aklanta

    Hey I missed it…I was on a bus that time…but the moment I stepped into the office, the environment said there’s some thing wrong…every one looked shaken…I asked one of my colleagues…she looked back at me with a wonder in her eyes…where were you buddy? do not you know there was a tremmor…it was 6.8 in richter scale…oh!everyone was busy, in the process of making and breaking news reports about the tremmor…Big Boss took extra care to ensure that there are news reports from all the areas affected…it’s time for a news agency to make good money…after all these disasters are what makes the news channels, news organisations rich…I also joined the group of shaken people

  • Soumya

    hmmm… quite right … human nature does more damaga than mother nature

  • dwaipayan

    thank god

  • saurav

    thank god….u r safe now…

  • Anonymous

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