Himani Healthy & Fair: A fairness massage oil for babies!

I’m told that my grandfather didn’t like me much. I was a dark child by his standards. I don’t remember much of that, he passed away when I was very young. But I do recall neighbourhood women teasingly asking me the secret of my ‘darkness’ and my childhood mind conjured an explanation of my own: [Read more]

The Amul girl isn’t 50, yet: Trivia, an awesome image and a movie

Utterly, butterly, ignoramus! I am a sucker for anniversaries. They give an opportunity to celebrate something that you want to and the occasion guarantees that readers notice (and also appreciate) your celebration. Was a bit surprised to find that the Indian media was marking the 50th anniversary of the Amul moppet, whereas her golden jubilee [Read more]

Great ads, Michelangelo’s David’s penis and The Times of India

To celebrate its 153 years of existence, the Old Lady of Bori Bunder published a Lintas created advertisement that many, including the Advertising Council Standards of India, thought to be unbecoming of the Old Lady. The ad that stirred a controversy was published in a celebratory supplement in the November 3, 1991 issue of The [Read more]

So Munni’s Zandu Balm wasn’t an in-film placement

Cutting the CHai - Default featured image

Update: I think I need to eat my words. From what it now appears, to me, that it was indeed a cleverly planned in-film placement and the subsequent controversy was just a publicity stunt. What I, for so long, thought of as a brilliant example of in-film (rather in-song) advertisement turned out to be a [Read more]