Little did the young immigrant from Bavaria called Levi Strauss and a Nevada tailor named Jacob Davis realize while filing for their patent for ‘Improvement in Fastening Pocket-Openings,’ that it would evolve to be the greatest fashion ever. Generations to come will swear by their copper riveted ‘waist overalls.’

Jeans especially the five-pocketed variety crafted from blue denim remains an all time favorite. The flexibility that a pair of blue jeans offers to me is unparalleled. Needing little or almost no care, wash – only when dirty enough (the enough part is also flexible), ironing – what’s that? The holes and the tears only add to the look.

It forms a perfect combo with shirts, t-shirts, kurtas, undershirts and even bare topped. Shoes, sneakers, sandals all can be worn beneath. I can don them at home, at the office, in parties, in my bed and even took a bath wearing them many a times. Being an editorial guy I can casually walk into meetings in my tattered jeans.

No barrier of class, creed or sex exists. From Rs. 150 ($3.00) a pair to a few grands, the range is enormous. They’re even worn beneath burqas.

The utilitarian value does not diminish even after a decade of wear and tear. A female friend revealed that cut into strips, they are also very good for waxing. I normally make doormats or dusters out of my old faithfuls, didn’t ever think of giving the waxing thing a try.

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