This tag thing reminds me of the relay races I used to participate in at school and never won. I with my non-athletic traits, I was usually the weakest link in the chain. As they say ‘the chain is as strong as the weakest link.’

Atul has passed the baton to me and I’m doing my bit in this 7 X 5 X n race.

Seven things that I plan to do (I’ve no idea regarding the how and when)

1. Make a movie
2. Live in the Himalayas
3. Be my own boss
4. Earn enough
5. Have kids
6. Win an Olympic Gold (haven’t decided on the discipline though)
7. Join politics (there’s not enough muck out there)

Seven things that I can do

1. Forget the most important of things
2. Ride a bicycle
3. Count in reverse from 100 to 1
4. Wiggle my ears (Again)
5. Find faults in me
6. Work on the PC 10 hours at work and another 4-6 at home
7. Paint (Fences, walls, chairs and doors. Didn’t attempt the roof yet)

Seven things I can’t

1. Type without occasionally looking at the keyboard
2. Type confidently with the spelling and grammar check off
3. Play any musical instrument (We have something in common here Atul)
4. Swim
5. Say a firm no (Someone with a similar disability said that he was lucky to be born male or he’d have been forever pregnant)
6. Tell a convincing lie (People usually see through all my lies)
7. Watch those television soaps

Seven things I say most often

1. Ho jayega (Will be done)
2. Damn it
3. No problemo (Another similarity Atul)
4. Kita beta, bhala ni? (Hi man, doin’ fine?)
5. F**k
6. Hmmm
7. Koi baat nahin (Same meaning as #3, only in a different language)

Seven people I want to tag (The usual suspects)

1. Abaniko
2. Aklanta
3. Anthony
4. Aquamarine
5. Dwaipayan
6. Greta
7. Varsha

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