I’m usually a little slow in my response to the latest fads. Saw this tagging thing going on in the blogosohere for long and wondered what it was all about? Until Abaniko tagged me. I’m a little wary of this practice of which asks me to list things about me, which might have been possible fodder for my future posts. Unwillingly so, I have to return the favour. Here come 20 random facts about me (as if anyone is remotely interested):

1. As a kid I was afraid of crocodiles hiding beneath my bed (monsters didn’t scare me)
2. In school, I once faked injury in a fight to get my rival punished. I again faked injury during selection for the inter-house cricket match to avoid humiliation of being dropped from the team (no I’m not Saurav Ganguly)
3. I ain’t very content with the job I’m in, but haven’t tried elsewhere in the last two years
4. Occasionally I stand before a mirror and talk to my reflection
5. I always wanted to make movies
6. I seldom read a book in its entirety
7. I don’t miss the ending credits in a movie
8. I have no idols in life
9. When I was 14, I led a strike in school and got suspended
10. I had my first crush in kindergarten
11. I hate chain letters. Nothing good has ever come to me forwarding them and ostensibly nothing ill happened by ignoring them.
12. I’m not able to relate to any political party
13. While eating oranges, I swallow the seeds (and no orange tree has sprouted from my tummy yet)
14. Black is my favorite colour (but doesn’t black signify the absence of any colour whatsoever?)
15. I flunked the MA Economics first semester exams, this after topping in the same university in BA Economics.
16. I had a fetish for weapons and collected quite a many (no guns), but never used them for their intended purpose (maybe it has something to my momentary desire to become a mafia don)
17. I can wiggle my ears
18. I prefer fountain pens over ball pointed ones
19. I don’t possess a credit card
20. I haven’t read any of the Harry Potter books

The ritual says that I’m required to tag the same number of people as the minutes I took to write this down. But I don’t know that many. Following Abaniko’s example I’m laying the trap for a few. The unfortunate list includes the botanist in the making from Calcutta – Dwaipayan; the confused scribe from Delhi – Aklanta; the most amusing 54 year old that I know – Greta; the CEO still in management school – Khyati; my namesake (almost) – Soumyadev; the gypsy from New Jersey – Varsha; and the one from Bush land I love to tease (and vice versa) – the Bionic 1.

You turn guys and don’t forget those juicy bits.

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