Lady Hyderi Park, Shillong

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  • saurav

    ONLY one ??? post some scenery yaar …

  • Accidental Fame Junkie

    Khoob sundor! Makes me wonder – why am I sitting in front of the comp?

  • AquaM

    Maybe we shd all make a trip to Shillong…what say u Soumyaaa..Phi long kumno?does that make sense….trying to recollect a couple of sentences I had learnt from my Shillongese roomie!

  • Abaniko

    i fantasize bringing with me EITHER a girl or a book to this park. cool place!

  • Thoughtless Maniac

    Nice picture 🙂

  • thalassa_mikra

    What a gorgeous picture. Ah there’s nothing quite like the Himalayan green. Lush, and yet lusher than the tropical banana groves.

  • Rita

    Wow! That is a great pic. Makes me want to take a break and go out for a vaccation 🙂

  • dwaipayan

    this place is looking even better than it really is.

  • Soumyadip

    <>Avik, <> I’ll try to post one everyday.<>Accidental Fame Junkie and Rita, <> sometimes the comp also deserves a break from us.<>Abaniko,<> I think you should drop the girl and take only a book along. See the post on Lady Hyderi Park – II.<>Aquamarine,<> a trip to Shillong is always a wonderful idea, but not this time of the year. It’s pretty chilly out there.<>Thalassa_Mikra, Sindhu and Dwaipayan,<> I agree.

  • ienez

    looks like a nice and quite place in the picture but i wouldnt want 2 go there 4 a romantic adventure.with all the people and the noises around,the disturbances just wont allow u 2 keep ur eyes fixed on ur date’s for 2 mins straight.