Brand New Avatar
I’m overwhelmed. The public outrage against the change of my profile image has been mind-boggling (excuse any exaggeration, I’m enjoying writing this basking in my momentary glory). But I’m not going to be cowed down so easily, I’ll give the image-makeover another shot. This time around it will be a little more like the ‘real’ me. Already bracing for the brickbats (would love a few bouquets though).

Hope this is ‘human’ enough and ‘suits’ the tone of my posts.

Thanks and curses to Shivangi, Shyamanga, Aklanta, Gypsy, Dwaipayan, Shivam, Abaniko, Aquamarine, Anthony, Accidental Fame Junkie, Rita and Atul for making me go through all this.

Avik, Aklanta and Pallavi wanted me to post some photos from my Shillong visit on the blog. Here I’m with selected pics from the Scotland of the East. Thought of putting up a slide show but experienced some technical difficulties. Occasionally (read often), when I don’t feel like or am unable to write, I’ll post a pic compensating my daily post.

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