This post by K (kay translates to ‘who’ in Bangla – he prefers to remain anonymous and so should he) speaks of what plagues the Indian media and he’s not talking of the fast deteriorating quality. Maxim in its ‘Circus Maximus’ section (of Khushboo fame) says the female jurno “has slept with everyone in her office cos it’s acceptable in media.” Though ‘Circus Maximus’ doesn’t claim any authenticity or seriousness, it drives a point about the general impression of media personnel. With news there spreads a lot of gossip. But lecherous bosses and subjugated juniors are not always figment of some gossip monger’s imagination.

K writes, “I debated long and hard before posting this, and a part of me still thinks I should not have, but because at the end of the day, media incestuousness would mean that almost nobody will pick up the story, and as I mentioned, blogs do have a purpose of informing people about things that they will never get to hear about. This is a serious problem in the Indian media.”

Thank god (or whosoever) for the blog.

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  • K

    Soumya, I think blogging is the ultimate expression of the democratisisation of information. God knows who we should thank, Google at one level I guess for Blogspot and god knows who else – John Barger and Peter Merholz for the terms at least. But, honestly I wouldn’t expect this story to break out as ‘Breaking News’ anywhere would you, so maybe some sort of grassroots movement might just help. Thanks for the link.

  • dwaipayan


  • Rita

    I gree with K. This is not breaking news. But it certainly is information and blogs do have a serious role to play with regard to that.

  • Accidental Fame Junkie

    Sexual harassment at the workplace is a long debated topic. However, when it happens closer home, suddenly people take notice. Some companies have a SH policy some dont’t. It’s a question of ethics and sensitivity.