We were not afraid then:

We were not afraid then

We are not afraid now:

We are not afraid now

Terrorists target the holy city of Varanasi. Twin blasts leave 21 dead and over 62 injured.

The Hindu
The Times of India
The Indian Express

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  • Pallavi

    Sad shame.. I think they are trying to prove that they can access anyplace anytime… SIGH…

  • dwaipayan

    i dnt understand what they get by killing some innocent people….

  • Accidental Fame Junkie

    I always thought Delhi to be a hotbed of terrorist activity. Now, they don’t spare the holy cities either. I suppose any place that attracts crowds is the target.And WE ARE DEFINTELY NOT AFRAID.

  • Adee

    i suppose you should link ‘the daily pioneer’ also.access is at ‘thedailypioneer.com’