III Annual International Webloggers Day

Today is supposedly the Third Annual International Webloggers Day. Thanks Aklanta for letting me know.

International Weblogger’s Day
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International Weblogger’s Day is an unofficial holiday celebrated worldwide on June 14th, bringing webloggers from around the world together to celebrate a year’s worth of changing the way the Internet sees personal journalism.

Originally, International Weblogger’s Day had been commemorated on the 9th of June, but given the fact that the choice of the date random, it was decided that the day shift 5 days to the 14th, the day whose roots lie back in 1993, when the word ‘weblog’ had not even been coined yet. (Yes, Jorn Barger did coin the word in December 1997, with Peter Merholz abbreviating it to ‘blog’ in April or May of 1999).

Indeed, the What’s New section of the National Center for Supercomputing Applications Mosaic (the ancestor of the modern browser, the first World Wide Web multimedia browser program) does not even seem like a blog, but it certainly has the functionality of one; after all, weblog was a term coined because one would go about ‘logging the web’. Just how that ‘logging the web’ became ‘journaling one’s thoughts’ is a completely arguable matter, however.

And so, as a clear ancestor of what has become a boom in weblogging, the first entry of What’s New, June 1993 (no earlier examples of ‘logging the web’ exist) seems apt to be the day to commemorate the present craze in weblogging.

How can we bloggers celebrate? By blogging, of course!

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