I doubt whether the proprietors of Fabina Textiles Pvt. Ltd. watched Rajesh Khanna’s 1980 psycho-thriller Red Rose before agreeing the sign on the fading superstar for the advertisement?

There are some films so bad that they are just plain bad, and there are some films so bad they are hair-raisingly awesome. Somewhere in the large wasteland between these two extremes (but no one knows exactly where) falls the 1980 Rajesh Khanna-starrer Red Rose, about a psychotic killer who hates women because of the things some of them did to him when he was a boy (or more specifically, when he was the ever-suffering Master Mayur).

In case you also haven’t you may view the movie on the video embedded at the end of this post.

Rajesh Khanna and a red rose in Fabina Sutings & Shirtings advertisement (1980)

Rajesh Khanna star of ‘Red Rose’ indicates his preference when it comes to fashion fabrics.

Suitings & Shirtings

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