A book and a cluster of temples have forever immortalised India has the ancient land of sex. I’ve been to Khajuraho twice and the temples are indeed amazing – even minus the erotic sculptures – and given that no worship happens in most of the temples, they are easily the most serene of the all the Hindu places of worship I have been to.

I’m not sure what triggered this sarcastic Air India ad, possibly from the 1970s, but the Maharaja bowlingly endorses this ancient form of expression of love.

Air India's sarcastic Khajuraho kissing ad from the 1970s
Of course kissing is an import from the West!
Khajuraho 11th century
Air India

Speaking of Air India and kisses, you might not want to miss Zeenat Aman as the classic Indian dark-haired beauty in 1970 Air India ad.