Tampons don’t sell much in India. But as this advertisement indicates, that efforts to peddle the product to Indian women (apparently unsuccessfully) goes back to more than 55 years.

Note that given the fears about tampon use and virginity, this advertisement is presented as a message to women, “especially those who are married.”

1957 Indian ad for Tampax tampons 'especially for married women'
A message to women
(Especially those who are married)
It’s natural enough to be prejudiced against entirely new ideas until one gets used to them. But supposing a new idea meant undreamed of comfort and convenience, month after month, what sensible woman would ignore it?
Completely different
There are thousands of once prejudiced women who now use Tampax regularly, and can’t imagine how they ever managed without it. Tampax is a modern, completely different form of monthly sanitary protection designed by a doctor to be worn internally. It is daintier—more hygienic—simpler—safer. Tampax cannot chafe. It prevents formation of odour and is easily disposable. Why put up with old-fashioned methods? A new world of comfort and convenience awaits those who are modern-mind. enough to give Tampax a trial.
A personal test!
Would you care to see what comfort and convenience. what poise and peace of mind Tampax could bring you? Then just call at your chemist’s or leading general stores and ask for Regular Tampax (for average absorbency) or Super Tarnpax (40% greater absorbency).
For a sample (in plain wrapper, send name, address and 25 naya paisa in loose stamps to the Nurse:
M.G. Shahani & Co. Private Ltd
Advani Chambers, Sir P. Mehta Road. Bombay 1.
Connaught Place, New Delhi
3, Chittaranjan Avenue, Calcutta
289, China Bazar, Madras.
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