Consumer Awareness

Caught again! Flipkart offers fake discount during Big Billion Days sale

Flipkart fake MRP

Update (December 23, 2015): Instead of fixing the error, Flipkart is taking this to a whole new level. The same book is now being sold at a price of Rs 1,000 at a claimed discount of 60%. The MRP on the image of the book is still shown as Rs 150. Surge pricing, Flipkart? The [Read more]

According to eBay, Blue Dart can go back in time to deliver packages

According to eBay India, Blue Dart has a time machine

Like many of you, I haven’t had the best of experiences with courier services and the situation is now such that I am actually surprised if something I sent is delivered on time. But when this email from landed in my inbox, I had to sit up and take notice and quickly type out [Read more]

Is the Gillette Guard as revolutionary a razor as the AP story makes it appear to be?

Gillette Guard

I love innovation and inexpensive innovations more so. So this headline ‘Cheap razor made after P&G watches Indians shave‘ obviously got me clicking and half way through the story it occurred to me that this was about a razor that I have myself used and because of this first-hand experience I thought that what the [Read more]

Download for free: 40 HarperCollins India ebooks on Google Play

Download for free: 39 HarperCollins India ebooks on Google Play

Disclosure: I am an ebook evangelist. Update 2: As expected, Google and HarperCollins India seems to have been alerted of the leak and the free fest is now over. I hope the early birds got their worms. Update 1: The free ebook count is now 40 (up from 39). Thanks Amit! Also URL structure changed [Read more]

IIPM website contradicts Arindam Chaudhuri

Cutting the CHai - Default featured image

Arindam Chaudhuri asserts, “we have nothing to do with the UGC/AICTE and students interested in statutory recognition need not apply to IIPM ,” then why does IIPM offer “UGC recognised MBA/BBA degrees”? This is clearly stated on its website. “IIPM students may also opt for the UGC recognised MBA/BBA degrees which are awarded by Mahatma [Read more]

When Apple said ‘Maps take a whole new turn’, they meant it

Apple’s marketing tagline for their much-derided iOS 6 maps apps, says, “Maps take a whole new turn.” Many travellers in Australia would agree, but not with pleasure. After all that “whole new turn” landed them in a snake-infested desert without food or water. Google Maps, though better, is also error ridden, much of which are [Read more]

Can’t dial emergency number from prepaid. What an @#!%& Idea sirji!

Cannot dial emergency number 100 on Idea Cellular prepaid

Idea Cellular tom-toms it’s ‘ideas’ through multi-crore advertising campaigns. If only the agency that devised those ideas had also added some commonsense for their client at a nominal charge. It appears that you cannot dial the emergency number 100 (Police Control Room number) from a prepaid Idea connection, as my wife unpleasantly discovered when she [Read more]

From anti-smoker to smoker to non-smoker: My King Size journey


@anirbanchow, a good old friend, still remembers the kick that landed on his butt as a result of his adamant refusal to kick the butt. A decade-and-a-half later I have realised that kicks cannot make someone quit smoking. Getting your heart into it can. During my school and college years I detested smoking and in [Read more]

Why I won’t ever buy from (and neither should you)

Shoddy service. Six months and still no delivery.

This is not a rant, but an expression of consumer dissatisfaction. A part of an effort to prevent other unsuspecting customers from being cheated by unscrupulous e-commerce websites. It has been SIX MONTHS today since I ordered some gifts for my niece and nephew from and there is no trace of delivery and also [Read more]

To promote Chrome, is Google playing cheap?

Google’s Chrome is right on track to unseat Microsoft’s Internet Explorer from the web browser throne and the folks from Mountain View are trying every trick in the trade to push their software to users computers. Even employing un-Google like approaches such as full page ads in newspapers and outdoor hoardings (albeit with an incorrect [Read more]

Opening a third front in the Times of India vs Hindu ad battle

As The Times of India versus The Hindu advertising battle rages on, Cutting the Chai thought it was about time to add a new perspective. So here am I, jumping into the arena with a public service advertisement. Share. Spread the word. PS: I don’t subscribe to any newspapers anymore. Reasons in a different post.