New WhatsApp Status: This is going to be *BIG!*

New WhatsApp Status is going to be big

New features in popular services often rake up rancour. I have also grumbled a lot against certain changes. But then with time and familiarity that resentment reduces and we start to dig the very feature that we detested at launch. The same is true for the just-released updated WhatsApp Status, WhatsApp’s return gift to us [Read more]

How to use Twitter to post animated GIFs to Facebook

Facebook animatted GIF

This is a corollary to a previous post, where I discussed all that you need to keep in mind while creating animated GIFs to post to Twitter. Post by Cutting the Chai. This new Twitter feature also means that in addition to using Twitter as a free GIF to video conversion service, we can also [Read more]

To whomsoever it concerns, knows

There are those who lech at women in public and also express anger over rape and molestation incidents online. I know a few and so would you. A little message for them from Cutting the Chai. If you wish to share this post, you can retweet this or share this Facebook post.

Demystified: ‘Your cell phone has a name’ Facebook hack that’s gone viral

It isn't your cellphone's name but that of an early Facebook user

(Cross-posted from a note on Cutting the Chai’s Facebook page) Your Cell Phone has a name! Take the last three digits of your number (Example: ***_***_*618) Type it like this: @[618:0] in the comments below and hit enter. It’s name will appear! This has been spreading like a viral wildfire here on Facebook. And everyone [Read more]

More than Lok Pal, it is the Internet that Can Stop Corruption

Cutting the CHai - Default featured image

Almost everyone seems to be an activist. People who have no clue about what the Jan Lok Pal Bill is all about, are extending their wholehearted support for its implementation. Where there is a tide, the general public tends ride it, not knowing where exactly they will land. The key word here is ‘corruption.’ People [Read more]