A few bomb blasts. Many killed, many more injured. A regular phenomenon. The locations change. The results similar. What will this mindless mayhem ever achieve? Nothing. If fear for them is an achievement. They haven’t even attained that. The markets are again crowded and festivity is in the air. Cautious, yes. Afraid, no!

The incidents will not make this Diwali dark. The grief over the loss of life shouldn’t be shrouded in darkness; rather we should all light up a little more and show the forces of darkness that a thousand lamps can make the night – day.

I was planning a visit to Sarojini Nagar Market on Saturday afternoon, but the friend who was supposed to accompany me changed her plans. I was in a bookshop at Connaught Place when the bombs went off. I didn’t realise anything. On my way home a friend called me and told me what had happened and then I noticed that the radio jockey was also announcing something similar. The first thing that came to my mind was – it could have been me. But it was dozens of others, innocents.

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