ads from the 1950s

1957 Indian ad for Tampax tampons ‘especially for married women’

1957 Indian ad for Tampax tampons 'especially for married women'

Tampons don’t sell much in India. But as this advertisement indicates, that efforts to peddle the product to Indian women (apparently unsuccessfully) goes back to more than 55 years. Note that given the fears about tampon use and virginity, this advertisement is presented as a message to women, “especially those who are married.”

Indian family planning posters from the 1950s

A joke on India’s most famous family planning slogan: हम दो, हमारे दो, जब तक तीसरा न हो/Hum do, hamare do, jab tak teesra na ho (We two, ours two, until the third comes along) India’s National Family Welfare Programme was launched in 1951 and posters were (and are) one of the most effective modes [Read more]

How to speak on the telephone, the right way

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It was an altogether different age, when having a telephone at home was a status symbol. And the waiting list for a new phone connection was sometimes years long. It was also the time when there was no pulse for local calls (at least in Shillong), it didn’t matter how long the call was, you [Read more]

Jawaharlal Nehru in a 1950 ad for Chicago Telephone & Radio

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This advertisement is from the January 28, 1950 edition of The Times of India (Delhi) and has the then Prime Minister of India jawaharlal Nehru, garlanded and with a tilak on his forehead and the tricolour in the background, speaking to a gathering through a Chicago Telephone & Radio mike.