ads from the 1960s

When the Government of India officially invited the world to come and kill our tigers for fun

There are fewer than 2,000 tigers in India and it is not only because of poachers or environmental factors. When the government of a country actually invites tourists from all over the world to come here and kill our tigers for fun – there is little hope for survival of the magnificent beast. It is [Read more]

VK Krishna Menon’s ‘Nehru’s vision, Menon’s mission’ election poster from 1967

VK Krishna Menon was denied a Congress ticket in the 1967 Lok Sabha elections from the Bombay North East constituency. He then fought as an independent candidate, but lost to Congress’ SG Barve by 13169 votes. In his campaign Menon extolled his friend Jawaharlal Nehru’s principles and election posters that read “Nehru’s vision, Menon’s mission” [Read more]

The Amul girl isn’t 50, yet: Trivia, an awesome image and a movie

Utterly, butterly, ignoramus! I am a sucker for anniversaries. They give an opportunity to celebrate something that you want to and the occasion guarantees that readers notice (and also appreciate) your celebration. Was a bit surprised to find that the Indian media was marking the 50th anniversary of the Amul moppet, whereas her golden jubilee [Read more]

Wills Filter cigarettes ad from 1969

Yet another addition to the ever-growing Wills Filter/Wills Navy Cut advertisements on Cutting the Chai. This sample is 1969 vintage. Each Wills Filter/Wills Navy Cut ad has a couple enjoying a different activity together (no, none of them has them having sex, even though it is quite possibly the most enjoyable activity that a couple [Read more]

Vintage Indian Advertisements 2.12

Cutting the CHai - Default featured image

All the four banks featured in this post were nationalised approximately four years after the publication of these ads. There were 10 others too. The logos of United Bank of India and the Bank of India remain unchanged, while those of Union Bank of India and Indian Overseas Bank have had a makeover. [Click on [Read more]

Season Two – Vintage Indian Advertisements

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On June 24 ended the inaugural season of Vintage Indian Advertisements on Cutting the Chai, featuring 61 print ads in a dozen instalments. Today begins Season Two. The last season was sourced from Indrajal Comics, the ads in this one adorned the pages of Reader’s Digest, scrounged from Shillong’s popular second-hand bookseller Barua & Sons [Read more]