Six-year-old Advay Choudhury live blogs the hatching of two pigeon eggs in his home balcony.

(A pigeon laid two eggs in an empty flower pot on our balcony a couple of days ago and Advay – aka Googool- the Chaiwallah Jr, is very excited about all this and can’t wait to see the eggs hatch. So as a vent to his excitement, he is running this live blog to narrate for all the action that is taking place in the flowerpot outside. Over to Advay…)

Once upon a time, a pigeon gave two eggs. I think it will hatch in 17 to 19 days. I have never seen a pigeon’s baby. So, I will watch the eggs and will tell you what is happening.

Advay Choudhury December 20, 20178:47 PM

The pigeon has not been sitting on the egg for many days. I am worried if she is safe.

Soumyadip Choudhury December 10, 201712:33 PM

Advay is a little upset with the pigeon that it isn’t sitting on its eggs. Every morning he wakes up and tiptoes to the balcony door to see if the pigeon’s there. Sometimes it is, but more often it is not.

Advay Choudhury December 10, 201712:30 PM

The pigeon does not sit on its eggs.

Advay Choudhury December 7, 20178:59 PM

There are two eggs now.

Advay Choudhury December 7, 20178:57 PM

I clicked this photo last night.

Advay Choudhury December 7, 20179:04 AM

This is the pigeon’s first egg. My Pa clicked this photo when I was in Indore at my Nanu’s house.

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