Watch: Amitabh Bachchan’s first ever scene on the silver screen

Amitabh Bachchan's first ever scehe from Saat Hindustani

Khwaja Ahmad Abbas’ Saat Hindustani might not be the most watched of Indian films, but it marked the beginning of the career of Amitabh Bachchan, arguably the most watched Indian film actor. In this 1969 film Amitabh played the role of Anwar Ali, an Urdu aficionado from Ranchi, Bihar, who along with five different men [Read more]

Watch: Rajiv Gandhi and Sonia Maino’s wedding video

Rajiv Gandhi Sonia Gandhi wedding

Whenever I have a little time on my hand (which is actually very little these days), I like to browse through archives (both physical and digital) in search for hidden gems and today stumbled upon this: Rajiv Gandhi and Sonia Maino’s wedding video from February 25, 1968. (Note that the video doesn’t have any sound) [Read more]

Maggi noodles missing from Nestle’s 100 years in India video; Maggi explains why

Nestle India 100 years in India video

(Post updated to include response from Maggi India) Nestlé is gradually attempting to make amends after the big Maggi noodles controversy that hit both its brand image and stock prices hard. As part of its brand revival strategy Nestlé India has released a minute-and-a-half long video that essentially wants to deliver the message that Nestle [Read more]

This ‘immoral’ ad for Josh condoms is banned in Pakistan

Banned in Pakistan - Josh condom ad

The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority recently banned the above advertisement for a contraceptive brand Josh for being ‘immoral’ and contrary to religious norms. Apparently the ad is so offensive that it received “deluge of complaints from the public” and “was considered an affront to Pakistani culture.” The condom in question is marketed in Pakistan [Read more]

एक कहानी, बस यूं ही (भाग चार)


(Continued from here) स्थान – उस लड़के का घर माँ की आवाज़ के साथ नींद खुली। आवाज़ नहीं फटकार। फटकार कि मैं फिर रात भर म्यूजिक सिस्टम ऑन करके सो गया। माँ बुदबुदा रही थी। बिजली का बिल इतना इतना आता है नवाब को चिंता नहीं। 5 साल हो गए टोकते टोकते। पहले तो कुछ [Read more]

Sisters, will you tie your brothers a Narendra Modi rakhi this Raksha Bandhan? Rs 20 only

Narendra Modi rakhi

The image of Narendra Modi continues to seep into our everyday lives, not only from the media but also from regular objects around us. Almost a decade after the present Prime Minister and then Chief Minister of Gujarat’s face was featured on condom packets distributed by the state government, Modi’s likeness is now also appearing [Read more]

The Bollywood periodic table

Elements of Bollywood - The Bollywood periodic table

London-based designer Johnny Joannou has a thing for the periodic table. His long series of designs based on the chemisty periodic table of elements covers a wide range of sports and a little cinema including one on our dear Bollywood. The £60 print of the “greatest Bollywood films of all-time” includes films “selected to represent [Read more]

Watch: High excitement on the streets of New Delhi on August 15, 1947

High excitement on the streets of New Delhi on August 15, 1947

This edition of the Movietone News from August 1947 captures the high excitement on the streets of New Delhi (complete with the obligatory cows) and the Parliament of India as India celebrated its first Independence Day. This newsreel, sourced from the Associated Press archives, also shows (at the beginning, before the play time starts in [Read more]

एक कहानी, बस यूं ही (भाग तीन)

(Continued from here) स्थान – जयपुर, उस लड़की का घर, रात का वक्त। चियर्स चियर्स… मस्त पार्टी है यार। कब से इंतज़ार था इस पार्टी का। 5 साल हो गए यार तुझे इस शहर में आए, इस ऑफिस में काम करते। कंजूस कहीं की, अब दी है पार्टी, पता नहीं कहां खोई रहती है तू। [Read more]

APJ Abdul Kalam: The unofficial Google doodle

APJ Abdul Kalam: The unofficial Google doodle

The ‘People’s President’ Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam died of a heart attack in my hometown Shillong. He was 83. A blackboard sketch featuring his signature hairstyle and the different facets of his person. Black to signify loss and blackboard to stress on his focus on education.

एक कहानी, बस यूं ही (भाग दो)


(Continued from here) गुलज़ार के गाने आज भी जब भी सुनता हूँ। तुम्हारा साथ याद आ जाता है। तुम्हारा गुनगुनाता चेहरा। गुनगुनाते लब, चित्रा सिंह की आवाज़ से आवाज़ मिलाती तुम्हारी आवाज़। कभी कहा नहीं पर, तुम अच्छा गाती हो। बहुत अच्छा। उस पर गाने के किसी शब्द या लाइन में मैं गलत बोल गुनगुना [Read more]