Fear Factor

This morning while coming to work it seemed that I was in Mumbai, not because of the recent terrorist attacks, but the heavy downpour which after days of humid heat…Continue Reading →

Blogspot blocked?

Is India going the China way? When I wasn’t able to open any *blogspot.com pages, I thought that there might…


Tax Help

Albert Einstein gave an easy and apt description, “The hardest thing in the world to understand is income tax.” But…


Shillong Snaps – II

Umiam Lake also known as Barapani is a manmade lake resultant from the Umiam Hydel Project. 16 kilometres from the…


Shillong Snaps

This is the first in a series of photographs from my recent visit to Shillong. Lighting up the dusk: Shillong city centre (Police Bazar / Khyndailad) at sunset A view…Continue Reading →

Hail Aahan

He is Aarohan (to ascend) aka Aahan (dawn). The double A will ensure a roll number one throughout his academic…


Chugging Along

Every time I embark upon a journey thousands of kilometres on parallel tracks of steel glazing in the blazing sun…