War Has No Winners

December 16, 1971: Lt. Gen. AAK Niazi, supreme commander of Pakistani Army in East Pakistan, surrenders to the Allied Forces (Mitro Bahini) represented by Lt. Gen. Jagjit Singh Aurora of…Continue Reading →

India Inspired

Comedy was and will remain the primary motive (TB6 has been off the coaxial-cable for quite some time now) behind…


Golf Links

Never played any golf on these famed greens, only a lot of cricket. Wikipedia mentions that it is called the ‘Glen Eagle of the East’ (I know almost nothing about…Continue Reading →

A Sting Well Stung

Banks and finance companies are after my life offering loans for almost everything. I have so far managed to shoo…


Elephant Falls

“Shillong. But where are the waterfalls?” I was expecting this question, but thankfully am posting these before anyone got the…


Ward's Lake

For those who came in late… A bored Khasi prisoner was desperate to go out of his cell. The warden asks him to dig holes and fill them up again.…Continue Reading →